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Books by John L. Payne / Shavasti

John L. Payne, also known as Shavasti. author of 5 books.


In working with several thousand family systems, Bert Hellinger has uncovered what he describes as the age-old Orders of Love, which are deeply embedded in the unconscious of family groups. This forgotten knowledge, rediscovered and refurbished, is so compelling that it can change people’s lives. Disturbances to the Orders of Love in previous generations will inevitably affect the lives of both concurrent and future generations. When this profound influence is understood, individual suffering is revealed in a whole new light – and so is healing. This workshop will show how love, even when damaged and misdirected, can be transformed into a force for healing.

A key tool for restoring the Orders of Love in a client’s family system is John Payne’s unique application of the Family Constellation method into what he now calls – Movements of the Heart. Workshop participants may have the opportunity to experience their own personal work and serve as representatives in other participants’ personal work — an experience that is in itself powerful.

Working with John L. Payne (Shavasti) – Author, Facilitator, Trainer, Healer

 Discover how within simplicity is the power to transform. Discover how you have all of the resources within you to bring about your own experience of the world. Now imagine a workshop process that can deliver real change and assist you to discover what you may have only imagined to be possible – to change how you feel, transform the tune of your life, alter what you see.

The rich tapestry of Family Constellation work will help you to discover the power of working with your Ancestral Heritage to transform what you see manifest in your life, the unsettled inner dialogue and the feelings of discomfort. Imagine leaving a workshop having a profound shift in your perception of yourself and your place in the world.

In working with John L. Payne, you will work with one of the world’s most experienced workshop leaders and an established author who will help you discover a safe route to your heart that is full of grace – this is the key to all healing. John gives workshops in the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA, he is also available for Skype sessions.


The author John L. Payne – known worldwide as an authority on Family Constellation work is also known as the spiritual teacher Shavasti. His work today is INCLUSIVE of Family Constellation work and represents a synthesis of almost 20 years working with individuals and groups, over 5,000 private Family Constellation, Shamanic and energy healing sessions, plus more than 450 workshops worldwide and 5 published books.

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This is the website of the spiritual teacher Shavasti, also known as the author of four books under the name John L. Payne. After almost two decades of working with Family Constellations and working with thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups , Shavasti has integrated his ancestral healing work, experience of working with the subtle bodies of the auric field and chakras, Shamanism and other approaches to assisting others to realize the truth of their authentic selves, into a body of work called ‘Teachings from an Awakened Heart’.

Shavasti’s deep exploration into the truth of who we are, both collectively and as individuals is available to you as a healing journey in gatherings, workshops, privately in your location or one on one over Skype.

Perhaps you’ve spent many years exploring, sometimes wandering from therapy to therapy or meditation class to meditation class? So many individuals, just like you, are deeply touched and changed by Shavasti’s deep insights, compassion and intuitive gifts that see beyond what is presented, piercing the core of truth authentically and undeniably.

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The Language of the Soul

Shavasti’s teachings are simple: Healing takes place when we are willing to tell the absolute truth, devoid of masks and pretences. Simple truth is like oxygen, with it we thrive, without it, we suffocate in our stories. Simple truth is the Soul’s domain, whilst complex stories belong to the fearful ego. In order to heal, we need to want peace much more than to be right about something. For more, CLICK HERE

As part of the exploration in an awakening heart, gatherings are offered to groups anywhere in the world on invitation. Whether you are part of a large group or seek a gathering for your smaller group of seekers, get in contact with Shavasti for a quote and scheduling possibilities

Exclusive Services
Would you like Shavasti to come to you for focussed one on one work? Are you looking for healing solutions but lack the time? Do you require absolute confidentiality and Privacy? Does your family need guidance, healing, a fresh start?

Exclusive services are designed for individuals, couples, families and small groups of friends. My work with you can include one on one sessions with one or more individuals or work in small groups. Group work can be healing work and/or gatherings where teachings are shared in the form of Satsang. For more about exclusive services, CLICK HERE

Skype Sessions: Why Work with Shavasti?

Shavasti, is one of the most psychically gifted healers and counsellors you could possibly work with. Beyond his finely tuned High Sense Perception is a depth of compassion and experience rarely met.

Imagine being able to work with one of the world’s foremost Ancestral Healing and Family Constellations Facilitators, Authors, and Healers – all of that with the ease of Skype, and if you don’t have Skype, you will be called on your landline. For more about skype sessions, CLICK HERE


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