Exclusive Services

This service is for people whose status prevents them from attending public workshops and individual sessions due to your position in society, whether it is political, financial or  celebrity status. This work is extremely important for those in influential positions not only because without having deep roots within, peace of mind is impossible, but it also engenders a strength and stability that is required to make important life decisions that impact so many people

Exclusive Services are designed for those who long to sit with a teacher and discover the deeper truth of who they are in privacy or for those who want to find resolution to family or relational challenges and issues.

Whether you are looking for deep personal exploration, personal healing or are looking to engage with a teacher who has a deep understanding of human relationships and family dynamics, inviting Shavasti to sit with you can be both very rewarding and totally life changing, giving you a totally new experience of yourself, your place in the world and a new understanding of how things work in families that will forever change you.

Personal Exploration

Each of us has a deep longing to be at peace with who we are and to feel deeply fulfilled with what we have in our lives – relationships, career, finances, body and mind.

However, for so many it can appear from the outside that we ‘have it all’ and yet a pervasive feeling of lack or dissatisfaction can haunt us and even cause us to ask ‘what is wrong with me?’

In this deep personal exploration work we will journey into the many areas where we can habitually close our hearts to a fuller experienced of ourselves as a result of earlier experience – be that in early childhood, a result of trauma, peer pressure or some other event.

Keywords: Personal Exploration, Personal Healing, Grief, Loneliness, Self Worth, Spirituality, Success, Personal Expression and Achievement.

Relational and Family Healing

Is your family in crisis? Do you ‘have it all’ but find yourself isolated, at a loss as to what to do as a parent or simply don’t know how to heal the relationship with a sibling, parent or spouse/partner?

I will bring with me my deep experience of working with individuals and families to look at and heal the underlying and often hidden dynamics that cause rifts in relationships. It is rarely ever what you consciously see or think is the problem. For more information, you may want to refer to my books ‘The Language of the Soul’ under my author’s name ‘John L. Payne’ on Amazon.

With relational and family healing I am able to work with one individual or with several.

Key words: Divorce, Abuse, Adoption, Estrangement, Family Rifts, Disputes, Grief, Mourning, Illness

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Please feel free to contact our office by writing to Letia Ayres, she will be happy to furnish you with more information regarding pricing and availability. Let her know your city/state/country for time difference considerations. Thank you

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Shavasti is accustomed to working with those who require utmost discretion and privacy. Perhaps your position, activities and duties in life create a need or desire for total privacy or personal access to healing and counsel. Non-disclosure agreements are permissible. Shavasti is at times available at short notice to travel to your location.


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