Within with Shavasti – Monthly Teleclass

Join Shavasti each month 1hr15 minute teleconference call on Sunday evenings Pacific and Eastern Time on a US number.

During these recorded calls he will present ‘Teachings from an Awakened Heart’ on various topics that will be both transformative and informative for all who care to join in.

The calls will generally be the last Sunday of each month, with some changes for travel and other considerations. If you miss a call, you will be sent a link to download the recording.  You will also be invited to send in your briefly worded questions for consideration.


– Explorations of Consciousness

– Healing Human Relationships

– Healing the Self

– Important Matters for Personal Growth

You have two choices, purchase a subscription, or purchase a one time pass. One your purchase has been made, you will be sent the dial in number and password. We ask you kindly not to give your password to anyone else.

Purchase Subscription for only $26 monthly

Purchase a single pass for $35



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