The Language of the Soul

The Language of the Soul – Where simplicity IS the healing

Shavasti’s teachings are simple: Healing takes place when we are willing to tell the absolute truth, devoid of masks and pretences. Simple truth is like oxygen, with it we thrive, without it, we suffocate in our stories. Simple truth is the Soul’s domain, whilst complex stories belong to the fearful ego. In order to heal, we need to want peace much more than to be right about something.

With the Language of the Soul, a teaching founded on years of personal and professional experience, you can truly discover how when our story is surrendered, what truly dies is everything we are not, and what comes to life is who we really are – magnificence itself.

Embracing the Language of the Soul will assist you in changing the amount of life force energy you expend on defending your woundedness, in turn allowing you to really start living. This teaching allows you to embrace what you don’t like about yourself with loving, gentle kindness instead of remaining like a hamster on a wheel constantly trying to fix yourself.  It will help you to cease chasing images of what is good in order to allow your own innate goodness to be revealed in organic, authentic and grounded ways – devoid of any spiritual masks you may have constructed.  The heart truly is a gentle master; our world of images can become the tyrant that is the spiritualised ego or inner critic.

The Language of the Soul will help you to truly accept what is, this is a freedom that is immeasurable.  So often we can spend years, even decades, trying to healing ‘what should not have happened’, which is a prison and a trap. With this simple approach, you can embrace what is and realise the freedom you’ve been yearning for. Freedom is often realised when we stop asking why and simply accept what is.  You can experience the revelation of your own heart when you loosen your grip on why and truly and deeply surrender to what is and what was. Your heart’s jewel is waiting to be discovered – it does not need to be hunted, earned or found. The most remarkable thing about love’s hidden treasure is that it is not really hidden, it’s been here all the time, it has been with you all the time.

Awakening to who you are means letting go of everything you thought you knew, it is a death and re-birth into the unknown and truth of who we are is far closer to your most fanciful imagination than has been considered possible by the mind. The vast universe that is the heart in simple truth is realised in a domain that is outside of the mind, it requires suspending who you believe yourself to be in order to unfold who you truly are.

On this journey into the Language of the Soul you will discover that your wound is not to be avoided but instead it can become your dear friend and companion – the very foundation of the renewed compassionate human being.

Your life is calling and your heart is calling you. It calls even when its beckoning falls upon deaf ears. There is an invitation present here to join me in deeper discoveries of the Language of the Soul and the deep realisation of your radiant heart.