A Hamster on a Wheel

A Hamster on a Wheel

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel? Always working on something but seemingly not getting anywhere and wondering when the process will ever be complete?

Sometimes the answer is just simply to stop, uhuh, that’s right, simply STOP! Stop trying to figure it out, stop strategising, stop hoping, stop wondering and wandering, just STOP. Very often it is the therapy and healing process that can in fact turn us into a hamster on the wheel. We start believing that the next and the next and the next process, session or insight will provide us the freedom we’re looking for. Often we learn this the hard way, we’re suddenly faced with our disillusionment with all the work we’ve done and can feel empty handed – like nothing has really fundamentally changed. Ever feel like that?

When this comes along it is time to stop and in the stillness face that which we have been running from. I don’t mean to process it, therapies it, tell a story about it – but to truly and fully face it, the thing we are most afraid of. It could be one of the following feelings or ‘truths’ we have been telling ourselves like: ‘I am bad’, ‘I am worthless’, ‘I am all alone’, ‘I am unlovable’ or ‘There is no love for me’ or something in similar vein.

This in not work for the mind. The mind really cannot figure its way out of this or conjure up a cure or a new thought to solve such fundamentally self destructive beliefs and feelings – the only way I’ve discovered is to face the bare naked truth of the lie we’ve been telling ourselves for a long, long time. When we feel like a hamster on a wheel, I can guarantee you that there is such a deep feeling that we’ve been hiding from that is lurking in the shadows and is still controlling many aspects of our lives – love, relationships, health, wealth in all of its forms, happiness.

So what happens when we face it? Liberation soon follows for it is simply fear that makes it appear to be far bigger than it is in reality.


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