The Law of Attraction – Pitfalls, Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams

The Law of Attraction – Pitfalls, Broken Promises, Shattered Dreams

Have you been using the Law of Attraction for a while and yet your stated goals and dreams still seem to be at a distance? Are you frustrated with just not being able to either create what you want or disheartened that what you do manifest just seems to crumble? Have you experienced wealth and bankruptcy as a repeating pattern? Do great opportunities slip through your fingers on a regular basis? Are you frequently overlooked when other less able individuals get the rewards? Have you reached a level of great success and yet something is still missing?

If you have spent any amount of time both visualising and feeling what it is that you want to bring into the experience of your life and it has remained at a distance from you, it may be that it is NOT that you have an incorrect understanding of the Law of Attraction, it is likely that you are not yet aware of other crucial factors that can deeply and profoundly affect your ability to manifest success in one or many areas of your life. The law of Attraction is in reality the Law of Resonance – all of you needs to be in agreement with your desired outcome.

The Visualisation Trap

Visualisation can be a powerful way of creating conditions and objects that feel and look real – jobs, careers, finances, homes, relationships. However, our third eye perception may not be fully aware conflicts within our own system. It may look good, we may even feel positive when looking at the image, however, we must realise that we are very multi-dimensional in nature and that within our being are many varied aspects of ourselves.

Using the Law of Attraction is NOT just about creating clear images and thoughts, in order for us to manifest what we want; ALL of our being needs to be in alignment with what it is we want to bring into our life experience. In other words, there must be resonance. When the Law of Attraction is not working for us, it points towards there being a split in our awareness and consciousness. Literally, the upper chakras can be saying ‘Yes’ and the central and lower chakras could be offering up a resolute and loud ‘No’ – even when we can’t consciously hear that.

There are many parts to our being and three main levels to our consciousness – Pre-Egoic, Egoic and Trans-Egoic. (See website article ‘Three Levels of Healing).  It is relatively simple to create a positive thought and picture of something that we want; even to feel really good about it. However, in order to sustain it we need to ensure that our ‘pain body’ is not saying no and that hidden loyalties are not blocking the very thing we have stated that we want.

Manifestation Requires a ‘Yes’

That should be quite straightforward, yes? Actually, it isn’t. It takes a very courageous and bold child to be happier than its parents, siblings, friends, village, ethnicity and peer group. Without knowing it on a conscious level, many of us limit our happiness, our health, wealth, careers and success out of loyalty to those who have suffered. When we have hidden loyalties, we may have financial wealth but feel lonely, we may have a good relationship, but be very unhappy with our working life – loyalties can stop us from ‘having it all’.  The ‘yes’ I speak of is not simply from the mind, it must be congruent in each level of your consciousness, and to know if you are saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, awareness of your self is required through investigation and direct experience.

Of course, needless to say, that ‘having it all’ looks different for everyone – we don’t all want the same thing or to express our essence in the same way.

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