Three Levels of Healing

Three Levels of Healing

The modern healing arena provides anyone seeking personal development and healing work a plethora of choices – all of which can add up to confusion. So which method or technique is best? Energy Healing? EFT? NLP? Theta Healing? Gestalt? Hypnosis? Voice Dialogue? Brennan Healing Science? Shamanism?

The short answer is: none of them, all of them. It all depends on what you want to work with and the other important criteria, with whom you will work. The facilitator is as important as the method employed.


So how do you choose? How does one know what is needed and at what level? Here is a broad description of the levels of consciousness in which healing can take place:


Trans-personal work is where we begin to engage in explorations our spiritual being. In this space there can be much spaciousness, even an experience of nothingness, a vast void of un-manifest awareness that can take us into varying states of bliss or clarity, experiencing ourselves as definitely more than just our physical body. There are many teachers, gurus and guides in this arena and the experience of ourselves as much more than our five senses can be very beneficial and indeed the experiences themselves can be transformative on many levels. However, it is most important to say that trans-personal work is not therapy. In order to fully benefit from trans-personal work, there needs to be a functional and healthy foundation in place.

Examples of gateways to trans-personal work are: Meditation, Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Advaita, Chanting, Mantras, Kirtan etc. Trans-Personal work can be a trap, one that creates an even greater split from the possibility of healthy relationships and simply living life. When a healthy foundation is in place, our inner presence can radiate.

Personal and Egoic Work

As we are physical beings living in a physical world and we have an ego in order to navigate this world, egoic or personal work is most useful. Much egoic work is mind based, but it does not necessarily need to be, and not all of it is. Examples of egoic work are: NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt, Family Constellations* (can be work on all three levels*), technique driven healing modalities.

Personal work is valid and indeed it can be important in today’s modern world. Coping strategies for stress, presentation skills, self awareness, behaviour modification and cognitive development can all be a part of healthy personal development.

Pre-Personal, Pre-Egoic, Foundational Work

It is important to state here that there are some ways of working that straddle both personal and pre-personal work – much of that is in the hands of the individual healer and practitioner.

Pre-personal work is around healing the wounding that took place in our foundational years – very early and early childhood. So much of this wounding is simply held as raw feelings in our system as the wounding often took place in the period before we were fully verbal – conception, gestation, birth, infancy right up to around seven or eight years old.

When we experience seemingly going over the same ground over and over again, or the same issues repeating themselves despite having participated in much personal work, then it is most likely that foundational work is what is required.

One of the challenges with pre-personal work is that it by and large sits well outside the realm of the mind – the feelings are often raw with no attached story or memory. As these feelings may have been with us for decades then we may have created a story to explain or rationalise them, however, these stories have a tendency to be tenuous and not really at the core of the issue.

Modalities often employed well for foundational work: body centred psychotherapy, Somatic Work, Bodywork, Trauma Work, Cranio Sacral, Shamanism, Brennan Healing Science, Energy Medicine, Family Constellations, Personal Process Work, Bio Energetics, Core Energetics etc. With foundational work, it is the facilitator rather than the modality that is important.

The Avoidance Game

Many of us avoid Pre-Personal work. Sometimes we hope that trans-personal work will do the trick and we can grasp for one spiritual experience after the other in the vain hope that feelings of emptiness and separation will dissolve. We can also spend years doing personal work, trying over and over again to fix ourselves. As previously stated, there are many useful tools in personal work that bring benefits, however, when the foundation is approached and we have the courage to face loneliness, emptiness, self hatred, self loathing, terror, fear, fear of nothingness, worthlessness, shame, disgust, hatred and rage – not as a cathartic process, but as an encounter, then new freedoms can be met and realised – fully realised. As we build up our foundation through stopping to face that which we’ve spent our entire lives avoiding, then all that we’ve learnt in personal work becomes of great value and all of our discoveries in trans-personal work will then have a solid foundation in which we can start to taste heaven on earth, fully grounded, anchored in our heart, undefended and living our longing to be the presence of love.

Digging for Gold

It is true to say that at the depths of our deepest wounds is pure gold. As we emerge from places of inner desolation, having perhaps touched inconsolability, hopelessness and despair, our compassion for human suffering increases exponentially and it becomes the very foundation of ourselves as a renewed human being. We cannot become enlightened or more loving through chasing the light, or by assigning the task to our mind to figure it all out. The only way to be more enlightened is simply to take the light of consciousness and awareness into our darkest shadows. Once this has been done, then all of the peace and prosperity we have longed for comes our way.

Enjoy your healing journey and the advice here is not to expect one level of work to resolve the issues in a different level of your being.